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ASANAS for Autism and Special Needs: Yoga to Help Children with Their Emotions, Self-Regulation and Body Awareness. Shawnee Thornton Hardy, $19.95

This how-to handbook gives parents, teachers, and yoga instructors step-by-step instruction to teach yoga poses to a child with autism or other special needs. They will learn how to teach yoga in a fun and interactive way using games and activities with numerous benefits to the child from teaching body parts to emotional and sensory regulation.

Breaking down yoga instruction pose by pose, body part by body part, breath by breath, this book uses easy-to-understand language and clear photographs to show parents, teachers, yoga instructors, and other professionals how to introduce the life-long benefits of yoga to a child with special needs. These benefits include gaining greater awareness and understanding of the body, learning to self-regulate the nervous system, and developing coping skills to work through difficult emotions such as anger and anxiety. Creative yoga games, activities, relaxation exercises, and chair yoga poses are included to make learning yoga a fun, interactive, and calming experience for children with a wide range of abilities.

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Awake at 3am: Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression in Pregnancy and Early Motherhood. Suzannah Neufeld, $24.95

Pregnancy and new motherhood are often thought of as the most joyful, exciting, and blissful times in your life — but they can also be difficult and overwhelming. Yoga therapy offers practical mind-body tools (simple breath, movement, and mindfulness practices) to support you and provide solace, steadiness, and ease in difficult times.

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) are the number one “complication” of birth. They affect not just moms who suffer, but also the families who care about and rely on those moms. More than twice as many moms suffer from PMADs as gestational diabetes. Yet while robust support and treatment options exist for diabetes, moms who suffer emotionally are rarely acknowledged. Instead of receiving help, they are handed platitudes like “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” “Let go of stress because it’s bad for the baby,” or “Just enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast.” This can be a lonely and confusing place to be — suffering profound fear or sadness at a time when your friends and family expect you to be happy, radiant, and beatifically calm.

As a therapist supporting women's mental health and those recovering from perinatal mood disorders and trauma since 2003, Suzannah Neufeld is keenly aware of the special needs of women during pregnancy and the first year of motherhood. Synthesizing modern psychotherapeutic research with practical yoga therapy, Neufeld offers a compassionate, acceptance-based approach that meets women (and their partners) wherever they are.

Awake at 3 a.m. contains short, digestible chapters that are perfect for when you are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. Neufeld skillfully dismantles the myths and internal beliefs that contribute to the suffering of new mothers, and tells her own story with honesty and humor. The yoga practices are designed to fit into your life as it is now — no flexibility, mat, special clothes, or 90-minute yoga class required.

Caring with Vitality: Yoga and Wellbeing for Foster Carers, Adopters, and Their Families. Andrea Warman & Liz Lark, $27.95

In this positive book Andrea Warman uses her vast experience of work in fostering and adoption to identify the areas of life that many families struggle with and, in partnership with yoga expert Liz Lark and nutritional therapist Alli Godbold, presents everyday, tried and tested strategies to help improve your family life — whether it's encouraging a calm household, improving sleep or simply finding some personal space.

The book describes easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises and yoga poses to suit your needs and the length of time you have to spare, whether you are looking for energy and strength or relaxation and calm. It also shares healthy tips, ideas and recipes — many coming from carers Andrea has met over the years. The authors also reveal how, through shared confidence-building activities like cooking and gardening, families can not only enjoy spending relaxing time together but help children to develop the life skills they need for a healthy future.

Caring with Vitality is an inspiring, practical, accessible read for foster and adoptive families, and can also be used by agencies and related professionals providing support for parents or carers.

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Classroom Yoga Breaks: Brief Exercises to Create Calm. Louise Goldberg, $33.95

The book includes a step-by-step curriculum for integrating yoga breaks into the classroom and over 200 illustrated exercises — enough to incorporate one every day of the school year. Twelve units are arranged by theme, with lessons consisting of one- to five-minute exercises, that can be done from the seat or standing. Each unit includes topics for discussion or writing, movement, breathing exercises, focusing activities, relaxation techniques, mindful practices, and self-calming skills.

Yoga is a complement to social and emotional learning, mindfulness training, and physical education. It can help address bullying behaviors, students with autism and special needs, and promote overall resilience and executive function. With this book in hand, readers can integrate these fun, relaxing, and healthy breaks into the daily lives of their students and themselves.

Fertility Yoga: a Natural Approach to Conception. Kerstin Leppert, $22.50

With straightforward advice and beautifully illustrated exercises, FERTILITY YOGA will help prepare the mind and body for conception and pregnancy. The yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises will help readers focus the mind, strengthen the body, and relax and let go of worries and the need for control. 

In addition to its calming effect, yoga is healing for the whole body and its systems. The exercises in this book were designed to boost fertility by improving circulation in reproductive organs and balancing hormones. The book includes exercises for both men and women to do individually and as a couple. 

Author Kerstin Leppert walks readers through ancient poses, exercises, and visualizations in natural, contemporary language. In addition to physical exercises, the author explains chakras and how they relate to fertility, and gives recommendations about nutrition, natural remedies, stress relief, and even sexual positions. 

The Go Yogi! Card Set: 50 Everyday Yoga Poses for Calm, Happy, Healthy Kids. Emma Hughes, illustrated by John Smisson, $19.95

Go Yogi! flash cards are a fun way for kids to learn 50 common yoga poses. From balancing in tree pose to bending into downward dog, using the cards for regular practice will increase fitness, strength and flexibility, enhance breathing and improve wellbeing. Suitable for ages 4+, for individual, pairs and groups.

Go Yogi! Everyday Yoga for Calm, Happy, Healthy Little Yogis. Emma Hughes, illustrated by John Smisson, $17.95 (ages 4-8)

Can you touch your toes? Or balance on one leg? Learn to calm your body and put your mind at ease alongside Flo the cat and Mack the monkey as they show you the different yoga poses. Known as asanas, these postures are fun to do on your own, at school or with family, and will help your body feel better and relax your mind!

Yoga is a fun practice that offers an abundance of physical and mental benefits to all ages. Children especially find it useful to learn basic poses, which will help them through times of worry, anxiety, chaos and technology overload. With its roots in Ashtanga yoga practice, this guide contains bright, cheerful illustrations accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of yoga poses. Designed for children aged 4+, these activities can be used at home or in the classroom, and will especially benefit children with low self-esteem, anxiety and ADHD.

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Good Night Yoga: a Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story. Mariam Gates, illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder, $24.95

Kids love yoga — and it’s great for them. For parents and caregivers looking for a fun and effective new routine for bedtime, innovative educator Mariam Gates presents Good Night Yoga, a playful yet wholly practical book for preparing for sleep.

This beautifully illustrated, full-color book tells the story of the natural world as it closes down for the night, while teaching children a simple flow of yoga postures inspired by their favorite characters from nature. Moving from “Sun Breath” to “Cloud Gathering” to “Ladybug & Butterfly” and more, readers learn techniques for self-soothing, relaxing the body and mind, focusing attention, and other skills that will support restful sleep and improve overall confidence and well-being.

I Am Yoga. Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, $18.95; Boardbook $10.95

An eagle soaring among the clouds or a star twinkling in the night sky... a camel in the desert or a boat sailing across the sea — yoga has the power of transformation. Not only does it strengthen bodies and calm minds, but with a little imagination, it can show us that anything is possible. I Am Yoga encourages children to explore the world of yoga and make room in their hearts for the world beyond it. A kid-friendly guide to 16 yoga poses is included.

I'm a Growing Yogi. Lisa Clarke, illustrated by Liam Mann, $12.99

I’m a little yogi, watch me grow! From the top of my head to the tips of my toes — I’m learning about my body, heart and soul...

Follow along with the Growing Yogi rhyme and practice moving into popular poses like downward dog, tree, and butterfly!

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The Kids' Yoga Deck: 50 Poses and Games. Annie Buckley, $21.95

Yoga is fun! Get kids bending, breathing, and stretching with The Kids Yoga Deck. Playful poses that can be performed alone and with friends, teach kids the basics of yoga. The Kids Yoga Deck engages bodies and minds to help youngsters build strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus.

Let's Play Yoga! How to Grow Calm Like a Mountain, Strong Like a Warrior, and Joyful Like the Sun. Márcia De Luca & Lúcia Barros, illustrated by Bruna Assis Brasilume, $19.95 (ages 5-8)

How can a magic tree, a cow with a fidgety son, or a wise lion teach kids about being kinder, calmer, and stronger? With yoga! In Let’s Play Yoga! these and other colorful characters promote balance and discernment — through creative stories kids can read on their own, all grounded in traditional yoga poses. In the hands of talented authors, yoga becomes a lifelong skill to help kids pave the way to a more compassionate future for all, even as they explore new ways to move. A playful, exuberantly illustrated book that introduces yoga to kids ages 5 to 8 with simple postures and techniques to foster a calm mind and healthy body.

Little Flower Yoga for Kids: a Yoga and Mindfulness Program to Help Your Child Improve Attention and Emotional Balance. Jennifer Cohen Harper, $29.95

Little Flower Yoga for Kids offers a fun and unique program combining yoga and mindfulness in an easy-to-read format. Written specifically for parents and kids, the book aims at teaching children to pay attention, increase focus, and balance their emotions — all while building physical strength and flexibility. Based on a growing body of evidence that yoga and mindfulness practices can help children develop focus and concentration, the simple yoga exercises in this book can easily be integrated into their child's daily routine, ultimately improving health, behavior, and even school achievement.

The book details the five main components of the program: connect, breath, move, focus, and relax. Drawing on these components, Harper shares practical activities that parents can use with their children both on a daily basis and as applied to particularly challenging issues. And while this book is targeted to parents, teachers may also find it extremely useful in helping students achieve better attention and focus.

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Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools: a Guide for Teachers and Practitioners. Catherine Cook-Cottone, $48.50

This is the first research-based text intended to help teachers and practitioners implement mindfulness and yoga programs in schools. A complete review of the literature on mindfulness and yoga interventions is provided along with detailed steps on how to implement such programs. Training requirements, classroom set-up, trauma-sensitive practices, and existing quality programs are reviewed. Twelve core principles of mindfulness and yoga in schools are woven throughout for the utmost in continuity. As a whole, the book provides tools for enhancing classroom and school practices as well as personal well-being. It is distinguished by its emphasis on research, translation of research into practice, and insight into potential roadblocks when using mindfulness and yoga in schools. Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools provides:

  • A thorough examination of the efficacy of mindfulness and yoga in reducing stress and conflict and enhancing student engagement to serve as a rationale for integrating such programs into schools
  • How-to sections for training, classroom and lesson plan preparation, and implementing specific techniques and comprehensive programs
  • Photographs, scripts, and figures to help implement your own programs
  • A tool for assessing and cultivating teacher and student self-care

Model Me Yoga DVD. Model Me Kids®, $42.95 (153 minutes)

Model Me Yoga demonstrates yoga activities that promote the social and emotional development of children ages 7-17. Developed to help address challenges with attention, Autism Spectrum Disorders, social skills, self-regulation, learning, and low muscle tone, this DVD can be used in classrooms, camps, and other group settings as well as in-home.  

A Morning with Grandpa. Sylvia Liu, illustrated by Christina Forshay, $23.95

Mei Mei’s grandpa is practicing tai chi in the garden, and Mei Mei is eager to join in. As Gong Gong tries to teach her the slow, graceful movements, Mei Mei enthusiastically does them with her own flair. Then Mei Mei takes a turn, trying to teach Gong Gong the yoga she learned in school. Will Gong Gong be able to master the stretchy, bendy poses?

A Morning with Grandpa celebrates, with lively spirit and humor, the special bond between grandparent and grandchild and the joy of learning new things together. Readers of all ages will want to try out some tai chi and yoga too!

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My Daddy is a Pretzel: Yoga for Parents and Kids. Baron Baptiste, Illustrated by Sophie Fatus, $12.99

Limber up with this unique, child-friendly yoga book! Created for parents and children to share together, but also suitable for adults and older children to use alone, My Daddy Is a Pretzel not only introduces a range of postures, it also connects the practices to everyday life, showing how families can integrate their yoga with their activities in the world. A light-hearted look at yoga, yet one with a lasting message, My Daddy Is a Pretzel is a wonderful introduction to yoga for readers of all shapes and sizes.

Peaceful Piggy Yoga. Kerry Lee MacLean, $9.99

Who loves yoga? Everyone from ballerinas to football players to moms and dads — even babies love yoga!

Seahorse's Magical Sun Sequences: How All Children (and Sea Creatures) Can Use Yoga to Feel Positive, Confident, and Completely Included. Michael Chissick & Sarah Peacock, $19.95

The Starfish Brothers, Eel, Crab and Octopus are having a horrid time. The Starfish Brothers' backs are stiff as planks, Eel is in a wheelchair and feels excluded, Crab finds it hard to play with others, and highly-competitive Octopus is on crutches after a pole-vaulting accident. Luckily, Seahorse adapts her Magical Yoga Sun Sequence to suit their individual needs, helping them to be active, included, and much happier! This beautiful picture book teaches four Yoga Sun Sequences in a fun and interactive way. The simple sequences benefit all children, while ensuring that anyone with inflexibility, autism, disability or injury can join in the fun. With specific advice for individual needs, this is an excellent resource for educators, yoga instructors and parents hoping to promote inclusion, positivity and confidence in all children aged 3-11.

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Sensory Yoga for Kids: Therapeutic Movement for Children of All Families. Britt Collins, $21.95

This book shows how to use yoga to bring calm and focus (and exercise!) to kids with special needs.

Childhood is a time filled with new motor challenges and hurdles; and this is doubly true for kids with autism and other special needs. The motor challenges kids face require strength, coordination, and the ability to focus and attend.

Yoga can help kids with these challenges as it can strengthen their bodies while calming. This book demonstrates how to get kids started with the discipline that so many of us use in our daily lives. Occupational therapist Britt Collins tells how to use yoga to support special needs, increasing body awareness and fine tune coordination skills.

Sitting On a Chicken: the Best Ever 52 Yoga Games to Teach In Schools. Michael Chissick, $31.95

The best way to teach yoga to children is with games. With 52 vibrant, easy-to-follow yoga games requiring no previous yoga experience, this book will enable you to help children become better listeners, take responsibility, gain self-control, improve behaviour, become assertive and improve self-esteem and confidence.

Within these pages Michael Chissick has distilled nearly twenty years' experience of teaching yoga to children aged 3-11 in mainstream and special needs schools. He explains the ideal yoga lesson structure to transform your children's behaviour: you will learn which games to teach, when to teach them and how to teach them, and how the additional benefits of improved co-ordination, flexibility, fitness, self-calming and relaxation can be accessible to all children regardless of impairment, need, culture, shape, mood or size.

Spilt Milk Yoga: a Guided Self-Inquiry to Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy, and Purpose Through Motherhood. Cathryn Monro, $20.95

Spilt Milk Yoga is a companion guide for mothers who want to experience the happiness, peace and purpose available in each moment, and who want to be more present and connected to themselves and their children. Author Cathryn Monro combines personal experience, honesty and humour to acknowledge the moments when motherhood stretches us to the edges of our tolerance, patience, anger and exhaustion.

Spilt Milk Yoga approaches motherhood as a path offering life’s richest and most profound lessons on love, acceptance and joy. Through guided self-inquiry the challenges become opportunities to grow, not in spite of motherhood, but because of it.

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What I See, I Can Be: a Guided Yoga Flow for Children. Janet Williams, $25.00

This is a terrific book for teachers and parents who want to find an effective, easy way to incorporate fitness and fun into a daily routine. Yoga can help children gain flexibility and coordination while giving them the skills of relaxation. Even if you don’t know a thing about yoga, What I See, I Can Be is a great way to combine fitness and fun at home and school.

The Yoga Adventure for Children. Jelen Purperhart, $19.50

The Yoga Adventure For Children is an illustrated manual for teachers at primary schools and yoga teachers who wish to create children's classes. Featuring 80 drawings of poses, the book playfully acquaints children with yoga stretches and postures and the philosophy behind the practice. Blending yoga, play, dance, music, drama, and drawing, the book requires very little preparation before use. Many yoga positions are inspired by animals and stimulate suppleness and strength, and all aspects of yoga are included in the games: relaxation, breathing, concentration, meditation, self-awareness, and visualization. Concepts like karma, chakra, and the elements are explained and developed without too much confusing detail. The games in this book can also be used to increase children's concentration and self-esteem, and to stimulate them to express more creativity, imagination, and better social skills.

Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones. Sarah Jane Hinder, $13.95 (boardbook)

Yoga Bug guides children through ten authentic yoga poses named after insects that unfold in an irresistibly whimsical flow of play, imagination, and movement. Kids will want to return to them again and again.

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Yoga Bunny. Brian Russo, $21.99 (ages 4-8)

It's a perfect day for yoga, and Bunny is practicing his poses and wishes his friends would do yoga with him! But Lizard is too tired, Fox is in a rush, and Bird has the hiccups. Will Bunny ever be able to get his friends to slow down and realize that yoga just might be the solution to their problems?

Yoga Bunny helps readers wind down as they learn beginning yoga poses, from downward dog to tree pose. Brilliant author-illustrator Brian Russo shows readers just how relaxing yoga can be.

Yoga Calm for Children: Educating Heart, Mind and Body. Lynea Gillen & Jim Gillen, $32.95

Yoga Calm offers 60 activities for the K-12 classroom that promote relaxation, concentration and self control; fosters physical fitness and helps in the development of social/emotional awareness skills. Features more than 100 photographs and easy-to-follow instructions.

Yoga for the Brain: Daily Writing Exercises that Keep Minds Flexible and Strong. Dawn DiPrince & Cheryl Miller Thurston, $27.95

Yoga for the Brain helps writers of all ages, 12 through adult, learn to write more freely, take risks, and experiment and play with language. Far too many people have come to look at writing as a chore, something to be graded or picked apart. Yoga for the Brain quickly helps dispel that notion with 365 daily writing prompts that are interesting, playful, lighthearted, challenging, quirky — or all of the above! Yoga for the Brain can be used by writers on their own or in a classroom setting. Either way, they will sharpen their minds — and their creativity.

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Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children. Lisa Flynn, $24.95

YOGA FOR CHILDREN will encourage your child to learn about yoga with an attentive, at-home instructor - you! Even if you are new to the practice, author, mom, and children's yoga expert Lisa Flynn will guide you and your child through more than 200 yoga poses, meditations, and activities that are suitable for children between the ages of two and twelve. Complete with full-color photographs, instructional scripts, and pose modifications, YOGA FOR CHILDREN will help build your child's confidence, self-awareness, and focus while strengthening your connection, one yoga session at a time.

Yoga for Depression: a Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering through Yoga. Amy Weintraub, $19.99

More than 25 million Americans are treated with antidepressants each year, at a cost in excess of $50 billion. But the side effects of popular prescription drugs may seem nearly as depressing as the symptoms they’re meant to treat. Veteran yoga instructor Amy Weintraub offers a better solution — one that taps the scientifically proven link between yoga and emotional well-being as well as the beauty of ancient approaches to inner peace.

Addressing a range of diagnoses, including dysthymia, anxiety-based depression, and bipolar disorder, Yoga for Depression reveals why specific postures, breathing practices, and meditation techniques can ease suffering and release life’s traumas and losses. Weintraub also reflects on her own experience with severe depression, from which she recovered through immersing herself in a daily yoga routine. Yoga for Depression is the first yoga book devoted exclusively to the treatment of these debilitating conditions. Amy Weintraub will help readers see their suffering and themselves in a vibrant new light.

Yoga For Diabetes: How to Manage Your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda. Rachel Zinman, $41.95

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 30 million diabetics in the United States alone. A highly motivational and personalized guide, Yoga for Diabetes will inspire readers to incorporate yoga into their daily diabetes management plan. Complete with questionnaire, inspiring photography, and art, readers are gently guided to achieve better blood glucose levels, less stress, and radiant health and well-being. No matter what type of diabetes you have, this book will be a valuable addition to your self-care.

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Yoga for Emotional Trauma: Meditations and Practices for Healing Pain and Suffering. Mary NurrieStearns & Rick NurrieStearns, $25.50

In YOGA FOR EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, a psychotherapist and a meditation teacher present a yogic approach to emotional trauma by instructing you to apply mindful awareness, breathing, yoga postures, and mantras to their emotional and physical pain. In the book, you’ll learn why yoga is so effective for dealing with emotional trauma. Drawing upon practices and philosophy from eastern wisdom traditions, and texts, this book will take you on a journey into wholeness, one that embraces body, mind and spirit. Inside, you will discover the lasting effect that trauma has on physiology and how yoga resets the nervous system. Combining yogic principles, gentle yoga postures, and mindfulness practices, this book filled with sustenance and practical support that will move you along your own healing path.

Yoga for Kids: Simple Animal Poses for Any Age. Lorna Pajalunga, $26.99

A little boy begins taking yoga lessons at the zoo, where he learns that he can mimic the animals there with simple yoga poses. When he returns home after his lessons, he practices with his cat, Nino. With an illustration of each animal pose and a description of how to do it on each page, this enchanting book makes the perfect instruction guide for even the smallest yogi.

Yoga for Kids: Simple First Steps in Yoga and Mindfulness. Susannah Hoffman, $21.99

This book is packed with yoga activities for kids and mindful games. Kids can stretch into tree pose, bend into butterfly pose, learn how to make a mindfulness jar, and find out why and how we should stretch through a series of fun yoga poses and sequences.

With more than 50 poses and activities, Yoga for Kids has everything you need to know about yoga for children. Children are guided through each pose, to make sure they achieve maximum fun and mindfulness in their yoga practice. Parents are given notes on each pose, to let them know what benefits it brings and how to stay safe. Yoga for Kids shows that supporting a child's positive mental health doesn't need to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. Poses and activities help children to de-stress, focus, and get moving while having fun.

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Yoga for Speech-Language Development. Susan Longtin & Jessica Fitzpatrick, $33.95

Combining years of experience as certified speech-language pathologists and as qualified yoga teachers, the authors of this pioneering book explain how yoga can be used to aid speech-language development in children up to age 12.

The book includes a range of yoga-based exercises for improving pre-linguistic communication, vocabulary development and motor planning for speech. The text is enriched by illustrations of children in each yoga pose, so no prior experience of yoga is necessary to help children carry out each activity. The book also provides information on using this approach with children with neurodevelopmental and intellectual disabilities, including ADHD and autism.

Yoga for You & Your Child: the Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying Yoga with Children of All Ages. Mark Singleton, $15.95

This is a comprehensive introduction to the inspirational world of yoga for children. Practical and fun, the book contains everything you need to know to start practising yoga with your child. With the emphasis on safety and enjoyment, it shows how to make yoga sessions exciting, interactive and child-friendly by playing yoga games, going on ‘yoga adventures’ and imitating animal shapes, walks and noises.

The instructions for postures and exercises are addressed to the children themselves, to make them as easy to follow as possible. As well as energetic physical poses, this book also adapts traditional yogic breathing techniques and meditations into fun exercises that calm and soothe the mind and help children sleep at night.

The Yoga Game. Kathy Beliveau, illustrated by Farida Zaman, $13.50

Fun, engaging and brilliantly simple, The Yoga Game is sure to delight and inspire beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

The Yoga Game By the Sea. Kathy Beliveau, illustrated by Farida Zaman, $21.95

The Yoga Game by the Sea, the first in The Yoga Game Series, invites children of all ages to feel the waves of their breath, to connect with the joy of a diving dolphin and to discover the magic of nature. Play with the words, guess the riddles and enjoy an actual yoga practice, down by the sea. Entertaining rhymes, enchanting riddles and whimsical illustrations create a rich, multi-layered experience.

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Yoga Girls' Club: Do Yoga, Make Art, Be You. Tiffani Bryant, $24.95

A fun, interactive workbook for girls aged 11-17 containing 43 easy-to-follow yoga postures, guidance on yogic breathing and meditation, opportunities for self-reflection and fun art activities. Designed to help girls feel more confident in body and mind and better equipped to handle the everyday pressures of the challenging teenage years.

Yoga in Your School: Exercises for Classroom, Gym and Playground. Teressa Asencia, $24.95

Yoga in Your School presents a series of short “Yoga breaks” designed for teachers to easily insert into their daily classroom schedule. Each posture or breathing technique may be practiced in less than three minutes, so that they may be used regularly or as needed, when attention or energy begins to wane. These simple movement exercises are designed to develop concentration, improve motor skills and physical fitness, develop strength, flexibility and balance. By simply taking a few moments to stop between activities to breathe and stretch, teachers may create a harmonious classroom with calm alert children who are receptive and eager to learn.

Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Deck. Jennifer Cohen Harper, illustrated by Karen Gilmour, $28.95

Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Deck offers over 50 activities to support health, well-being, empowerment and an improved capacity to navigate the many stressors of life without becoming overwhelmed. Beautiful illustrations on each card are coupled with easy-to-read instructions.

Divided into five elements, Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus and Relax, this card deck is a comprehensive yet accessible tool kit for children themselves, as well as for parents, teachers, clinicians and others interested in helping support self-awareness and increased personal power in young people. Activities and practice sequences include:

  • Heart and Belly Breathing
  • Feeling my Strength
  • Grounding in the Present
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Relaxing and Restoring
  • Engaging my Compassion
  • Checking In with My Feelings

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Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for Teens Card Deck. Jennifer Cohen Harper, Argos Gonzalez & Mayuri Gonzalez, illustrated by Karen Gilmour, $28.95

Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for Teens Card Deck offers over 50 practices to help teens become stronger, more flexible, get better rest, manage anxiety and learn to navigate stressful situations without becoming overwhelmed. Beautifully illustrated by Karen Gilmour, coupled with easy-to-read and easy-to-implement instructions.

Divided into five elements, Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus and Relax, along with partner and group practices, this card deck is a comprehensive yet accessible tool kit for teens themselves, as well as for parents, teachers, clinicians, coaches and others interested in helping support self-awareness and increased personal power in young people. Activities and practice sequences include:

  • Self-compassion practice
  • Mindful tech exploration
  • Power poses
  • Grounding in the present
  • Releasing nervous energy
  • Mindful listening
  • Back to back breathing
  • Gratitude practice

Yoga Pretzels: 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids & Grownups. Tara Guber & Leah Talish, $19.99

Stretch your way to a fun and healthy lifestyle with each of the fifty yoga poses in this colorful deck, perfect for teachers, parents, and children.

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Yoga Sparks: 108 Easy Practices for Stress Relief in a Minute or Less. Carol Krucoff & Kelly McGonigal, $23.95

Yoga Sparks offers 108 quick, practical, and accessible yoga exercises that you can practice anytime, anywhere-no matter how busy or stressful your schedule. In this book, you will learn how yoga in “bite-size” pieces can become a healthy habit that can relieve emotional stress, increase your physical strength and flexibility, and help you to lead a happier, healthier life.

Whether practicing relaxed breathing while in traffic, sitting with proper alignment while working at your computer, or even balancing on one leg while waiting in line, the step-by-step, breath-by-breath practices in this book will help you bring the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga practice into your daily life.

Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs. Louise Goldberg, $29.95

If you are a parent of a child with special needs or a professional who works with one, you know how challenging it can be for them to sit still, to cope with change, to focus on self-soothing strategies, and to interact successfully with others. For these kids, yoga therapy can provide crucial support. Behavior and focus, strength, flexibility, balance, and self-regulation are all improved through yoga, making it an ideal practice for children on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, sensory processing and emotional/behavioral disorders, and other exceptionalities.

For use in school, at home, or in therapeutic settings, Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs is a how-to manual that meets children where they are, providing a yoga therapy "lesson plan" that will engage them; promote play, social interaction, speech, language, and motor development; and enhance their self-esteem. It teaches an array of Creative Relaxation techniques using posture, breathing, and mindfulness designed specifically for children with autism and special needs. With this book, parents, therapists, and educators alike have the tools to successfully develop a therapeutic yoga program for the very children who can benefit most from it.

Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child: Meeting Needs in a Natural Setting. Nancy Williams, Illustrated by Leslie White, $22.95

Yoga therapy is gaining rapid recognition as a form of treatment that can improve the physical and mental wellbeing of children with a variety of complex needs. This book contains a specially-designed yoga program for use with children of all abilities, and provides both parents and professionals with the knowledge they need to carry out the therapy themselves.

The program consists of a series of postures, each of which is explained and accompanied by an illustration. The postures are designed to help children understand and use their bodies, and work towards positive changes such as realigning the spine, encouraging eye-contact, and promoting calm and steady breathing. Consideration is given to creating the right setting for carrying out the therapy, assessing an individual child's particular needs, and making the sessions fun using games and props. Sections on yoga therapy for specific conditions such as autistic spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy are included, and the book concludes with child and parent reports on how the program has worked for them, and a list of useful contacts and resources.

This practical book is a must for parents, teachers, therapists and other professionals, and anybody else who wants to help a child to develop through enjoyable and therapeutic yoga sessions.

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YogaKids: Educating the Whole Child through Yoga. Marsha Wenig, $26.95

Over 50 poses with activities for integrated learning at home and school.

Yogarilla Exercises and Activities: 55 Card Yoga Deck. Kimberly Mielke & Megan-Lynette Richmond, $61.95 (ages 3 & up)

OTis, the OT gorilla, is here to teach children traditional and original yoga poses in a new, fun, and engaging way! The 55 yoga poses and 110 activities in this oversized, colorfully illustrated card deck help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, teachers, and parents can use yoga in the classroom, at home, or in treatment to improve fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, attention, communication, and cognition.

A Yogi Mama's Guide to Yoga, Ayurveda & Your Child: a Book for Parents and Kids. Jennifer Hardy-Berthiaume, $34.50

Parents who want to better understand the energies that inspire and motivate their children will find Jenny Bees A Yogi Mama's Guide to Yoga, Ayurveda & Your Child a creative and helpful tool along the way. Jenny takes you on an empathetic journey relatable to every parent. What makes my child tick? How can I help them fully become their happy healthy selves? Jenny, in her own journey with her children, has found good answers through Ayurveda and yoga, and even better, she shares those with you with humour and love in this very special book.

This is a unique book written for parents and children and is about kids, yoga and Ayurveda, and how we can all become better, more intentional parents with the help of the intuitive five-thousand-year-old sister science of Yoga. The heart of the book is three beautifully illustrated poems, each written to clearly explain one of Ayurvedas three doshas, which in combination make up a persons prakriti (their nature). The text is simple enough that children of all ages will have a sense of what this Ayurveda thing is. And it won't be lost on Mom or Dad either.

You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses. Taeeun Yoo, $19.99

With simple instructions and bright, clear illustrations, award-winning artist Taeeun Yoo invites children to enjoy yoga by assuming playful animal poses. And she sparks their imagination further by encouraging them to pretend to be the animal — to flutter like a butterfly, hiss like a snake, roar like a lion and more. Yoga is great for kids because it promotes flexibility and focus — and it’s relaxing good fun! The charming pictures of children and animals and the lyrical text make this gentle introduction to yoga a book to be treasured.

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