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I Can Relax! A Relaxation CD for Children. Donna Pincus, $22.95 (ages 4-12)

Almost any child can benefit from having the skill of relaxation. Now your child can experience a guided relaxation training session, and will learn specific relaxation skills that he or she can use anywhere. Written by Dr. Donna Pincus, creator of The Child Anxiety Network, the "I Can Relax!" CD focuses on teaching children relaxation skills while also promoting positive self-image.

Indigo Ocean Dreams CD. Lori Lite, $21.95 (ages 6-12)

Indigo Ocean Dreams is a 60 minute CD/audio book designed to entertain your child in an ocean setting while introducing them to four relaxation and stress-management techniques. Children follow their sea friends along as they learn to release and manage anger with Angry Octopus, build self-esteem with Affirmation Weaver, implement breathing with Sea Otter Cove and visualize with Bubble Riding.

The narration is accompanied by calming sounds of dolphins, sea otters and gentle waves. An additional music sound track is included to further enhance your child's relaxation experience. These proven techniques encourage wellness and provide tools for children who suffer from anxiety, stress, trauma, hyperactivity, anger, sleep issues and lack of confidence.

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Audio Resources

Changing Channels: Positive Living Skills for Children. Terry Orlick, $19.99 CD format

Focusing through Distractions: Positive Living Skills for Teens and Adults. Terry Orlick, $19.99 CD format

Guided Mindfulness Meditations, CD. Jon Kabat-Zinn, $35.95

I Can Relax! A Relaxation CD for Children. Donna Pincus, $22.95 (ages 4-12)

Indigo Dreams Adult Relaxation: Research-based, Guided Meditation/Relaxation Techniques. Lori Lite, $17.95 CD format, 60 minutes

Indigo Ocean Dreams CD. 4 Relaxation and Affirmation Stories for Children. Lori Lite, $21.95 (ages 6-12) CD, 60 minutes

Indigo Teen Dreams: Research-Based, Guided Meditation/Relaxation Techniques; Affirmations; Breathing; Muscular Relaxation; Visualization. Lori Lite, $22.50 CD format, 60 minutes

Mindfulness for Beginners, CD.  Jon Kabat-Zinn, $29.95

Relaxation and Joyful Living: Positive Living Skills for Teens and Adults. Terry Orlick, $19.99 CD format

Spaghetti Toes: Positive Living Skills for Children. Terry Orlick, $19.99 CD format

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