Human Milk in the NICU: Policy into Practice
Table of Contents

Part I  Introduction
  Chapter 1  Introduction

Part II  Establishing the Need for Human Milk
  Chapter 2  Establishing the need for human milk in the NICU

Part III  The Baby-Friendly NICU: The Ten Steps for Providing Maternal Milk
  Chapter 3  Step 1: Developing a policy supportive of breastfeeding/human milk use
  Chapter 4  Step 2: Training all health care staff in skills to implement the policy
  Chapter 5  Step 3: Teach mothers about the benefits of human milk for their preterm infants
  Chapter 6  Step 4: Initiate early skin-to-skin as soon as possible
  Chapter 7  Step 5: Help mothers to begin early milk expression, and provide education and support for establishing and maintaining an adequate milk supply
  Chapter 8  Step 6: Give special care infants only human milk unless medically contraindicated
  Chapter 9  Step 7: Promote skin-to-skin contact between parents and their preterm infants
  Chapter 10  Step 8: Foster early transition to full breastfeeding
  Chapter 11  Step 9: Use ethical evidence-based breastfeeding practices free of conflicts of interest
  Chapter 12  Step 10: Foster the establishment of breastfeeding support groups and community programs and refer mothers to them.

Part IV  Use of Banked Donor Human Milk as an Alternative
  Chapter 13  Clinical use of donor milk
  Chapter 14  Brief history of donor milk banking in the US
  Chapter 15  International models
  Chapter 16  The Ten Steps for a “Baby-Friendly” milk bank

Part V  Conclusions
  Chapter 17  Conclusions

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