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Special Needs

The Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD. John Taylor, $16.99

See our ADD/ADHD Resources for Kids, Teens & College Students booklist

My Friend Has Down Syndrome. Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, illustrations by Marta Fŗbrega, $9.95 (Grades 2-4)

See our Down Syndrome booklist

JERK California. Jonathan Friesen, $11.00 (novel. ages 12+)

See our Tourette Syndrome booklist

Can I Tell You About Asthma? A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals. Lesley Mills, Illustrated by Rosy Salaman, $13.95

See our Allergies & Asthma booklist

I Am Deaf. Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, illustrated by Marta Fŗbrega, $8.99

See our Deaf & Hard of Hearing booklist

Itís OK to Be Me! Just Like You I Can Do Almost Anything! Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, $8.50

See our Physical Challenges/Chronic Illness booklist

Taking Cerebral Palsy to School. Mary Elizabeth Anderson, $14.95

See our Cerebral Palsy booklist

Picky, Picky Pete: a Boy and His Sensory Challenges. Michele Griffin, $20.50

See our Sensory/Sensorimotor booklist

Some Kids Use Wheelchairs. Lola Schaefer, $8.95 (ages 4-8)

Text and photographs discuss why some children cannot walk, how wheelchairs help them, and the everyday activities of children who use wheelchairs.

See our Special Needs Books for Kids in the Classroom booklist

All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome. Kathy Hoopmann, $18.95

See our Asperger Syndrome Resource for Children & Teens booklist

KNEES: the Mixed-Up World of a Boy with Dyslexia. Vanita Oelschlager, illustrated by Joe Rossi, $10.95

See our Learning Disabilities Resources for Kids, Teens & College Students booklist

The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (and Their Parents).Elizabeth Verdick & Elizabeth Reeve, $24.99 (ages 8 and up)

See our Autism Books for Kids & Teens booklist

Take Control of OCD: the Ultimate Guide for Kids with OCD. Bonnie Zucker, $24.95 (ages 10 Ė 16)

See our Obsessive Compulsive Disorders booklist

My Brother Charlie. Holly Robinson Peete & Ryan Elizabeth Peete, $21.99 (ages 10-14)

See our Siblings of Children with Special Needs booklist

Social Rules for Kids: the Top 100 Social Rules Kids Need to Succeed. Susan Diamond, $30.95 (ages 7-14)

See our Social Thinking Resources for Children booklist

Can I Tell You about Epilepsy? A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals. Kate Lambert, $13.95 (ages 7+)

See our Epilepsy booklist

Family Life

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All about Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It. M. Nemiroff & J. Annunziata, $13.50 (ages 4-8)

For children adopted at any age and from any country, All About Adoption explores the what, how and why of adoption, as well as the many feelings kids can experience as they grow up. And for parents, an extensive afterword discusses the unique practical and emotional dimensions of adoptive children and their families, with suggestions for answering the most challenging questions.

Teens, Loss, and Grief: the Ultimate Teen Guide. Edward Myers, illustrated by Kelly Adams, $26.00

See our Grief & Loss Resources for Adolescents booklist

Potty. Leslie Patricelli, $8.00

See our Toilet Learning booklist

How to Feel Good: 20 Things Teens Can Do. Tricia Mangan, $17.95

See our Life Skills for Teens booklist

QUEER: the Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens.  Kathy Belge & Marke Bieschke, $19.99

See our LGBTQQ Resources booklist

WEIRD! Erin Frankel, Illustrated by Paula Heaphy, $22.99 (ages 5-9)

See our Bullying Resources for Kids & Teens booklist

YOU the Owner's Manual for Teens: a Guide to a Healthy Body and Happy Life. Michael Roizen & Mehmet Oz, $19.99

See our Teen Health booklist

Daddy, Papa and Me. Leslťa Newman, illustrated by Carol Thompson, $10.99

See our Gay & Lesbian Parenting booklist

Missing Mummy: a Book about Bereavement. Rebecca Cobb, $11.99 (Ages 2-7)

See our Grief & Loss Resources for Children booklist

What Makes a Baby? A Book for Every Kind of Family and Every Kind of Kid. Cory Silverberg, illustrated by Fiona Smyth, $16.95

See our Puberty/Sex Education booklist

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. Carol McCloud, illustrated by David Messing, $12.95

See our Life Skills for Kids booklist

The Twins' Blanket.  Hyewon Yum, $18.95

See our Twins & Multiples booklist

Living with Mom and Living with Dad. Melanie Walsh, $18.00 (ages 3 & up)

See our Divorce Resources for Kids & Teens booklist

A Bed of Your Own! Mij Kelly & Mary McQuillan, $9.99

See our Sleepy Books for Kids booklist

Be Careful and Stay Safe. Cheri Meiners, $13.50

See our Safety booklist

Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda. Lauren Alderfer, illustrated by Kerry Lee MacLean, $22.95

See our Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga booklist

Babies Donít Eat Pizza. Dianne Danzig, $18.50

See our Siblings booklist


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Food and Faith. Susan Reuben & Sophie Pelham, $24.50

See our Anti-Bias & Equity Resources for Kids booklist

Not Your Typical Book About the Environment. Elin Kelsey, illustrated by Clayton Hanmer, $12.95

See our Environmental Issues booklist

The Kidís Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference, 2nd Edition. Barbara Lewis, $19.99

See our Social Responsibility booklist

One of Us. Peggy Moss & Penny Weber, $19.95 (ages 6-10)

See our Building Self Esteem & Character Education booklist

Bully 101. Doretta Groenendyk, $18.95

See our Bullying Resources for Kids & Teens booklist

How High Can a Dinosaur Count? (And other Mysteries). Valerie Fisher, $8.99

See our Math booklist

Comets, Stars, the Moon and Mars. Douglas Florian, $19.95

See our Science booklist

Abuse & Family Violence

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Never Talk to Strangers. Irma Joyce, $10.99 (ages 4-8)

See our Safety booklist


Mental Health

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Anh's Anger. Gail Silver, illustrated by Christiane KrŲmer, $22.95

See our Anger Resources for Families booklist

Is a Worry Worrying You? Ferida Wolff & Harriet May Savitz, illustrated by Marie Le Tourneau, $11.95

See our Anxiety Resources for Children & Adolescents booklist

Families Change: a Book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental Rights. Julie Nelson, illustrated by Mary Gallagher, $14.99

See our Resources for Foster Care Families booklist

How Do You Feel? A Facial Expression Puzzle Game. $12.50 (ages 3 and up)

See our Therapeutic Board Games booklist

Mommyís Different Faces. Barbara Patterson, illustrated by Scott Collie, $14.95

See our Parenting with Mental Illness booklist

Wishes and Worries: Coping with a Parent Who Drinks Too Much. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, $19.99

See our Addiction booklists

Full Mouse Empty Mouse: a Tale of Food and Feelings. Dina Zeckhausen, illustrated by Brian Boyd,  $10.95 (Grades 2-5)

See our Eating Disorders booklist

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