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Capturing a Short Life. Directed, produced & written by Sheona McDonald. $50.00 DVD format, 54 minutes

Capturing a Short Life is a beautiful and intimate documentary about families dealing with the loss of a child in the first months of life. This is a film about acknowledging, celebrating and honoring those powerful, impossibly few moments.

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A Teen’s View of Grief, DVD. Alan Wolfelt, $42.95 (40 minutes)

This informative 40-minute educational DVD on teen grief contains in-depth information and compassionate advice for family, caregivers and professionals on how adolescents grieve after someone loved dies. Throughout this excellent, concise resource, Dr. Wolfelt's teachings are interspersed with comments from bereaved teens.

The Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies, DVD. The Dougy Center, $42.95 (47 minutes)

Whether due to a long-term illness or a sudden death, a parent's dying is perhaps the most devastating loss a child, teen, or young adult will experience during their formative years. Many questions are answered by children, teens, and young adults in their own poignant words.

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Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope. Donna O'Toole, $39.95 (45 minutes; for preschoolers & up) DVD

Capturing a Short Life. Sheona McDonald. $50.00 (54 minutes) DVD

Footprints on Our Hearts: How to Cope after a Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Newborn Death. Cherry Hamilton, $56.95 (60 minutes) DVD

A Teen's View of Grief. Alan Wolfelt, $42.95 (40 minutes) DVD

The Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies. The Dougy Center, $34.50 (47 minutes) DVD

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