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Reggio Children aims and purposes are inspired by the contents and values of the educational experience of the Municipal Infant-Toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, and its mission is to carry out experimental research, to promote and disseminate high quality education worldwide.

"Our publications (books, exhibit catalogues, audiovisual materials, portfolios) are developed from projects carried out in the Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, with the aim to offer a wide audience a close-up look at young children's thoughts, ideas, imagination, and strategies of relationships and learning. Based on listening to and esteem for young children, these books and other materials directly present the voice of the children, including reports on the results of research conducted in the schools and essays on educational topics."

- Reggio Children, Reggio Emilia, Italy

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100 Languages of Children Exhibition Catalog. Edited by Tiziana Filippini & Vea Vecchi, 1996/2005, $49.95; French (insert) Edition, $45.95

The Hundred Languages of Children Catalogue of the exhibition has been travelling successfully for 30 years around the world. The book, with the contributions by different authors, presents through a rich and diversified documentation the evolution of the pedagogical experience in Reggio Emilia and Loris Malaguzzi’s thinking. With contributions by Giulio Carlo Argan, Andrea Branzi, Jerome Bruner, Paola Cagliari, Tullio De Mauro, Jurij Ljubimov, Loris Malaguzzi, Clotilde Pontecorvo, Carla Rinaldi et al.

Graphic design by Rolando Baldini & Vania Vecchi; English translation by Nancy Birch Podini, Tiziana Filippini, Christine Richardson & Leslie Morrow

Advisories. Edited by Paola Strozzi & Vea Vecchi, 2002, $29.95

“We are the explorers of the Diana School, we’re the strongest of all, even though strength doesn’t really count, that much it’s better to be intelligent... we’re the best experts on dinosaurs, insects, tricks and jokes... we’re writing some things for you so you can learn them.” - The Big Kids of Diana School

The older children of Diana Preschool — who are leaving for elementary school — tell incoming 3-year-olds all about the preschool. The book includes a game of stickers, to find one’s own way in the new school.

Graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi; English translation by Leslie Morrow

Beastiary. Edited by Gino Ferri, 1995, $15.50 (Portfolio)

Horses, cats, bulls, dinosaurs, wolves — a modern beastiary made completely of drawings created by the children of the Preschools of Reggio Emilia.

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The Black Rubber Column. Texts, photographs & graphic design by Isabella Meninno; English translation by Jane McCall, 2009, $28.95

During their explorations in the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre before it was opened to the public, children were enchanted by the columns in the Exhibition hall. They decided to prepare a gift for them: a series of garments made of different materials that columns can wear. From the planning to the realisation of the final draft, a small and precious narration reveals children’s learning strategies.

Brick by Brick/Mattone su mattone. Reggio Children, with contributions by Ettore Borghi, Paola Cagliari, Loris Malaguzzi & Renzo Testi, 2018, $19.95

This revised edition of the  history of the “XXV Aprile” People’s Nursery School of Villa Cella (Reggio Emilia) is beautifully and movingly illustrated with photographs of this exciting time.

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Browsing through Ideas: the Wonder of Learning Series. Edited by Tiziana Filippini & Vea Vecchi, 2009, $47.95 

A collection of wonderful ideas, microstories, children's thoughts and theories, fragments of projects. An open and engaging folder of new and different contributions of children and teachers, with a particular narrative and iconic synthesis. While keeping a trace on the basic project, the portfolio expresses new concepts that can generate enormous educational potentials, eliciting new ideas and new proposals. 

Graphic design by Mali Yea with Rolando Baldini; English translation by Jane McCall

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Children, Spaces, Relations: Metaproject for an Environment for Young Children. Reggio Children and Domus Academy Research Center, 1998, $71.95

Children, Spaces, Relations is an investigation into the liveability of spaces, carried out by Domus Academy of Milan and by Reggio Children in the infant-toddler centres and preschools of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. Teachers, pedagogistas, atelieristas and architects together propose new analysing tools and use instructions to plan spaces for children.

With texts by Andrea Branzi, Jerome Bruner, Carla Rinaldi, Vea Vecchi et al; Edited by Giulio Ceppi and Michele Zini; Graphic design by Rolando Baldini, Massimo Botta, Vania Vecchi English translation by Leslie Morrow

Dialogues with Places. Edited by Tiziana Filippini, Claudia Giudici & Vea Vecchi, 2008, $47.95

Every place has its own soul, identity; trying to find it out and building up a relation with it means learning to recognise one’s own soul. Children attending the infant-toddler centres and preschools in Reggio Emilia explored the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre while it was a building site, they chose then a space they deemed to be interesting and planned a work, a gift ideated in harmony and in dialogue with the selected place. From the exhibition Dialogues with Places, children’s experiences and projects become a big working notebook.

Digital Environments/Technological Invitations/Luminous Ideas (ambienti digitali). Reggio Children, 2018, $25.95

An imaginary journey for wandering lightly between analogue and digital, like competent and cheerful Argonauts.

The stories recounted here come from the educational experience of municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools of Reggio Emilia and the cultural project of Reggio Emilia and the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre. The publication includes two accordion books, that invite us to construct a new digital vocabulary. This covers that contains the books can be used as a portable theatre backdrop for inventing stories.

Everyday Utopias DVD: a Day in an Infant-toddler Centre and a Day in a Preschool. 2011, $49.95

Two videos that are part of The Wonder of Learning exhibition.

Video filming and editing by Sara De Poi, Daniela Iotti, Mirella Ruozzi, and Simona Spaggiari; Booklet Graphic Design by Mali Yea; Realized by Reggio Children and Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres – Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia; English translation by Leslie Morrow; DVD running time 33 minutes

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Everything Has a Shadow, Except Ants. Edited by Stefano Sturloni & Vea Vecchi, 1999, $38.95; Tout a une ombre, $38.95

A project about play, imagination and science. The experiences and emotions of children of Diana and Gulliver municipal Preschools in Reggio Emilia at work with shadow, immaterial life-companion, promoter of discoveries and knowledge.

With texts by Mariano Dolci, Loris Malaguzzi and Sergio Spaggiari; Graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi; English translation by Jacqueline Costa and Leslie Morrow

The Fountains. Edited by Teresa Casarini, Amelia Gambetti & Giovanni Piazza; English translation by Leslie Morrow, 1995, $29.95; les fontaines $29.95

“Let’s make an amusement park for the birds!” A starting idea that took on many forms, in a laboratory where hands work with thoughts and inventions, so as to give real dimensions to the amusement park constructed and set up in the park of La Villetta Preschool. This is a book with many voices: children, teachers, atelieristas, birds, and with George Forman and Loris Malaguzzi.

The Future is a Lovely Day. Lorella Trancossi, Project Development, 2001, $553.95

From a project carried out in the Fiastri and Rodari Municipal Preschools of Sant’Ilario d’Enza (Province of Reggio Emilia), a book that collects thoughts and predictions on the future by 5 and 6 year-old children. Bilingual Italian/English version.

Historical Notes and General Information. Preschools and Infant-Toddler Centres of Reggio Emilia & Reggio Children, 2015, $4.75 (Booklet)

Drawings by children of the municipal preschools of Reggio Emilia.

Graphic design by Rolando Baldini & Paola Gasparoli

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Landscapes. 2009, $47.95 (CD-ROM)

The right of children to a welcoming, beautiful, functional, planned, relaxing, lovable, soft, funny, musical, intelligent, neat and perfumed space is visualized in this double CD-ROM,with more than 90 pictures of the environment of the infant-toddler centres and preschools of Reggio Emilia from the ‘80s until now.

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The Many Faces of the Assembly DVD: a Study On the Human Figure In Drawing, Clay, and Photography. 2017, $49.95 (Three videos (one + 2 insights), total running time: 45 minutes. Produced by Reggio Children. Audio: Italian stereo with English subtitles)

The children of the Iqbal Masih Preschool investigate the human figure and portraits through an interweaving of the languages of clay, drawing, and photography. They choose to depict and describe the morning assembly: “Let’s do when we have the assembly, because it’s all of us!”

It is a complex subject, not easy to represent. The video follows the many threads of the research through the children’s explorations in the boundary zones between the different languages, making visible the thoughts and abilities that develop in these important “crossings”. It all takes place on the backdrop of a cheerful buzzing of words, thoughts, laughter, pauses, rethinking, joking around, leaps, and discussions, where research and life constitute the underlying fabric.

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Martino Has Wheels. Annalisa Rabitti, illustrated by S. M. L. Possentini, 2016, $29.95

All children are different. As their friendship grows with empathic intelligence and curiosity, Emma and Martino struggle with traditional ideas of learning, language and knowledge. Martino's wheels, writing without words, tell us of a universal declaration: the difference makes us human.

Mobility of Expression. Edited by Mara Davoli & Gino Ferri, 1995, $15.50 (Portfolio)

The importance of seeing yourself, and finding your own identity. A gallery of portraits by children of Neruda Preschool. Six portfolio pages, to hang or browse.

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Not Just Anyplace DVD. Directed by Michele Fasano,  2002, $59.95

Documentary film on the history of Reggio Emilia’s municipal centres for early childhood. With historical pictures and interviews of the protagonists, and the story of more than a century of educational history.

Produced by Reggio Children with the International Association Friends of Reggio Children, the Emilia-Romagna Region & the Municipality of Reggio Emilia; English translation by Gabriella Grasselli & Leslie Morrow; DVD running time 72 minutes

One City, Many Children: Reggio Emilia, a History of the Present. Edited by Rolando Baldini, et al, 2012, $69.95

The narrative of One City, Many Children is developed through a number of broad themes: community participation, the active role of women and women’s movements, the politics of education in the city’s municipal administration, the ties between pedagogy and politics, the originality of pedagogical thinking of Loris Malaguzzi and of the Reggio Emilia education project, and the strong international identity of what is a local experience.

These themes, all topical and capable of generating new questions on education, are explored more deeply through contributions and considerations from architects, atelieristas, designers, academics, philosophers, photographers, teachers, pedagogues and pedagogistas, poets, film directors, scientists, writers and historians: the theory of the hundred languages of children shapes the construction of the narrative form.

With interviews and texts by Renzo Bonazzi, Simona Bonilauri, Ettore Borghi, Jerome Bruner, Antonio Canovi, Luciano Corradini, Gunilla Dahlberg, Graziano Delrio, Paul Ginsborg, Loris Malaguzzi, Carla Rinaldi, Vea Vecchi. English translation Jane McCall

Edited by Rolando Baldini, Ilaria Cavallini and Vania Vecchi; English version edited by Peter Moss; English translation by Jane McCall

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Reggio Tutta: a Guide to the City by the Children. Edited by Mara Davoli & Gino Ferri, $65.95

From an investigation carried out in the municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools of Reggio Emilia, a book which is at once a “portrait” of the city and a “guide” for the visitor. Children, by drawing the identity of Reggio Emilia, investigate the dimension of the relation with the others, they speak about a positive, liveable, welcoming city: a feeling about the future asking forcefully for listening and interjecting.

With the contributions by Rolando Baldini, Marco Belpoliti, Simona Bonilauri, Jerome Bruner, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Tiziana Filippini, Carla Rinaldi, Vania Vecchi and Tullio Zini

Reggio Tutta Postcards. Edited by Mara Davoli & Gino Ferri, 2001, $23.95

The city as seen by the children, drawing portraits of roads, squares, monuments, churches, palaces. 25 postcards to send from Reggio Tutta, the special guide of the city, created in the infant-toddler centres and preschools of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

Graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi

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A Rustling of Wings: Children’s Drawings and Theories about Angels. Curated by Isabella Meninno, Giulia Notari, Paola Strozzi & Vea Vecchi, 2001, $15.95

One time I touched an angel and I didn’t touch anything. — Luca, years 5.2

From a project of Diana Preschool, four funny folding leaflets to browse or to hang. English version.

Shadow Stories DVD. Sara De Poi & Simona Spaggiari, 2012, $43.95

Poetics of an encounter between science and narration. The video from La Villetta Preschool describes the experience and the encounters between the children and shadows during a visit to the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre. An animated story, alternating with brief video clips that concludes with a short animated cartoon created by the children. From The Wonder of Learning exhibition. Running time: 14 minutes. Subtitles: English

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Tenderness. Edited by Lorena Ferretti, Gina Guidi & Giovanni Piazza, 1995, $23.95

Love narrated by children. A book written by the children of La Villetta Preschool.

With texts by Susanna Mantovani and Carla Rinaldi English translation by Leslie Morrow

Theater Curtain: the Ring of Transformation. Edited by Vea Vecchi, 2002, $63.95

The story of a project in which children from the Diana Preschool designed and created a new house curtain for the Ariosto Theater of Reggio Emilia.

The Times of Time DVD: Photographic Exhibition from the Infant-Toddler Centres to the Primary Schools. Realized by Reggio Children and Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres – Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, 2011, $35.95

A community-wide project that involved children and adults from infant-toddler centres, preschools and primary schools, carried out within the context of the important international photography festival Fotografia Europea.

Photographs and thoughts of children and adults tell the times — many, different, perceived and measured, awaited. The images are accompanied by documentary videos of the project and of the photographic ateliers conducted by teachers and atelieristas.

Video filming and editing: Sara De Poi, Mirella Ruozzi; Booklet graphic design by Mali Yea; English translation by Leslie Morrow; DVD running time 27 minutes

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Volpino, Last of the Chicken Thieves. Loris Malaguzzi, 1995, $23.95

A children’s story about Volpino the fox, a very clever, very hungry and very frustrated chicken thief!

We Write Shapes that Look Like a Book. Reggio Children Publisher, 2008, $23.95

A project about the park of Pablo Picasso Infant-toddler Centre with the aim of supporting and improving the ecological sensitivity which belong to all children. The city initiative “Città inattesa” (City in-waiting) becomes the opportunity to widen the view and meet, with the same approach, the Park of the city and leave a trace of this encounter.

The Wonder of Learning: the Hundred Languages of Children. Edited by Ilaria Cavallini, et al, 2011, $69.95

The Wonder of Learning catalogues an important exhibition with an international birth, which is already travelling around the world. It speaks about the developments and the innovative flair of the educational experience in Reggio Emilia. The latest projects carried out in the municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools of Reggio Emilia are presented in five different sections: a wide interdisciplinary kaleidoscope, crossing different languages and media. The metaphor representing the whole cultural project is the one of the democratic piazza, a place open to the exchange of opinions, so as to build up a new idea and a new experience of citizenship.

Edited by Ilaria Cavallini, Tiziana Filippini, Vea Vecchi and Lorella Trancossi; English translation by Jane McCall, Graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi

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